[M4F] [M4TF] Dicked Down At Canada’s Wonderland On...
[M4F] [M4TF] Dicked Down At Canada’s Wonderland On Camera By Your Cockasian Pornstar Boyfriend [Sequel] [WOC] [White guy] [Shaven big dick] [Analilingus] [Dicked down] [Public] [Facial] [Multiple anal orgasms] [Msub] [Wet sounds][Canadian accent]

This is a sequel to this popular audio

Background: Your pornstar boyfriend takes a poll online asking his fans who he should fuck next. His fans decided that he has to fuck his girlfriend at Canada's Wonderland.

“Canada's Wonderland holds a special place in my little Ontarian heart forever as I will always associate it with Aerosmith, sunburns and getting bathing suit boners. And in fact, it was after a trip to Canada’s Wonderland that I first went down the audio porn spiral. So thank Canada's Wonderland if you're a JWR fan 😆.”

- Joker William Redmoore 5/8/2021

Posted by u/JokerWilliamRedmoore