Frequently Asked Questions

So we figured people would have some questions, here are some we have already received with our responses.

Q: Do I have to verify to post?

A: You only need to have an account.

Q: Will there be a ban on certain content?

A: We have basic content guidelines, please refer to the Content Policy and ToS however beyond those no other content is banned

Q: Can I request a custom audio?

A: This entirely depends on the performer you are asking, we do not allow transactions to be handled on our Services.

Q: How do I report a post/user/comment that violates the Content Policy or ToS?

A: You can report them using the report page, click on your username and then click help which will have a link to the page where you can report violations. Be sure to include the link to the content as well as a valid report reason(Be aware reports are not anonymous to staff to prevent abuse of the system).

Q: How do I create a post?

A: Once you have registered, click on upload then the post type that you wish to upload(audio, script or text) then put in the title, upload audio/ link to a script/ write a text post and click on submit(Be aware posts are not private).

Q: Can I message another user?

A: No, not at the moment. This is something that we might introduce in the future, but for now, join our discord server.

Q: Can I upload scripts like I can with audios?

A: No, this is something we are considering, mainly because writers like to use Pastebin we have decided that they can use their preferred script host however this might be an option in the future.

Q: Are you going to do anything with my audios?

A: No, all audios are uploaded to the server and deleted when the audio post is deleted. Filenames are random so the developers cannot tell what audio goes with what post. You retain all rights to your content, we do not have any rights to them.

Q: How do I change my profile picture?

A: Click on your username on the navigation bar and click on settings, from there you can upload a profile picture make sure it is 180x180 maximum.

Q: Can I favourite posts?

A: Yes you can, Likes act as favourites so if you like the post and click on the liked posts section in the navigation bar it will take you to a page that contains all of the posts that you have liked, these are also sortable by post type.

Q: How do I follow someone?

A: Go to their profile, you can do this by clicking on their username in a post then you click on the follow button on the top right.

Q: How can I help support development of PsstAudio?

A: Yes you can, we have a Patreon and you can also donate anonymously via Bitcoin using this address: bc1qcdaqjdaqfrxlnr9uuec2tatjlz0uxehta2pvfm