[F4F] Pain Debts [Script Fill] [FDom Speaker] [Fsub]...
[F4F] Pain Debts [Script Fill] [FDom Speaker] [Fsub] [Spy] [Trapped] [Criminal] [Mistress] [Little Kitten] [Bondage] [Electroshock] [Torture] [Pain] [Debt] [Begging] [Breasts play] [Fingering] [Finger Sucking] [Arousal] [Good Girl] [Tears] [Trust] [Whorehouse] [A New Pet] [No Orgasms]

Listener has been trying to spy on a criminal organization for months now. She has been informing the police of the different activities that take place in the speaker’s whorehouse. Now that she’s been caught, she has to face the consequences of her actions. Actions that will cost her very dearly…

The script can be found here and was written by the Wonderful u/HorcruxesLadyHunter

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