[M4M] Your 'straight' friend gives you a blowjob...
[M4M] Your 'straight' friend gives you a blowjob [virgin] [curious] [friends] [brojob]

Your role: Any person with a penis (geared towards cisgender males)
My role: The curious 'straight' friend~

Your headspace: We've been friends for a long time and like to talk about pretty much everything. I look up to you and think you're a lot more experienced in sex and relationships so this isn't the first time I've asked about your sex life...

Toys needed: None, but something simulating a mouth might help~ :)

Setting: Somewhere comfortable where friends hang out! On the couch in the living room, some chairs in the basement, a dorm room, etc.

Script by: LewdKitzu

Hope you enjoy it!~

Posted by u/LewdKitzu