[F4M] “If You’re Listening to This, It’s Because I Chose...
[F4M] “If You’re Listening to This, It’s Because I Chose You” [Yandere] Technically [Rape] [FDom] [Msub] [Fear Play] but still strangely [Romantic] [Forced Hypno] [Hypno Play] [Inclusive for Blind People] [No Vision Based Hyponotic Suggestions] [SFX] [Script]

SFX: The overlaying ambience is that of a leaky, drippy, dank basement. It sounds almost like an old tomb. The sound of a recorder button is being pushed. The recording begins, slightly cracking from overuse of the tape.

(A calm, but still very menacing voice begins to speak over the recording) If you’re listening to this, it’s because I chose you. I’ve chosen many of you before, but it never seems to work out. I decided to streamline the process, and make a tape, so that I don’t have to repeat myself everything single time I get a new you.

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