[F4MM] Futa Mommy Commands Both her Femboys [Script...
[F4MM] Futa Mommy Commands Both her Femboys [Script Fill] [Fdom] [Msubs] [Mommy] [Futa] [No Incest] [Bi/Gay] [Femboys] [Rape BC Consent Not Explicit] [Good Boys/Girls] [Bit Of Degradation] [A lot of Praise] [Blowjob] [Anal Fuck] [Creampies] [Rimming] [Facial] [Listener orgasms] [Speaker orgasm]

Mommy is mad because her two femboys have been playing and messing around with her expensive make up and clothes. So, she decides to have a little fun and show them "better ways" to invest their time from now on.

This script by HorcruxesLadyHunter was one I couldn't pass up. if you have a pair of cute femboys there is no way you could avoid doing this to them. 

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