[F4A] A Hellhounds Prey [monster girl] [hellhound]...
[F4A] A Hellhounds Prey [monster girl] [hellhound] [rape] [noncon] [gentle fdom] [Blowjob] [Cowgirl] [pinning] [Amazon Position] [caring] [loving] [L-bombs] [wholesome] [aftercare] [20:30]

You’re running through the woods in the dead of night. You’re being pursued by a mass of darkness with glowing eyes that just won’t give up. Your lungs are on fire and your legs feel like knives with every step. You don’t know where you’re headed but you can’t seem to shake your pursuer and you’re running out of steam, fast..You can hear scraping against the fallen tree, something sharp carving into the dead, dry bark accompanied by cackling flames. And right in front of where you’re hiding you see a massive paw. It’s larger than your hand with claws to match, each ending in a razor-sharp tip. You watch, helplessly, as the claws on the creature’s hand dig into the fallen tree and before you can think the whole thing is lifted up.

Character reference 

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