[F4M]Bad Decision Friday Part 5: Good Friday [Script...
[F4M]Bad Decision Friday Part 5: Good Friday [Script Fill] [improv moments][catholic cheerleader][student/teacher][1st kiss][underage drinking][first orgasm][big dick][first bj][deepthroat][throat pie][we're not making love][innocence lost][virginity lost][crying][creampie][your a whore now]

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and now... Part 5

You are the 18-year-old Co-Head Cheerleader of your private catholic school. You love your girls on your squad. You go to church for every church holiday and including Wednesday masses. You have never been touched sexually, in a place where you never had to worry about it and had religion stuck in your head long enough to not do it yourself. Your team jokingly calls you Lily White (though that mostly stopped after you displayed a talent, not knowing what it was actually used for, which is mentioned in the script). You are quick to trust because you believe people are good and you are worried about the sudden change in your professor’s demeanor from last year.

This script series was written by Benson and there is one more part!

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