[M4F] First Nervous Ramblefap [Mommy] [Improv] [Incest]...
[M4F] First Nervous Ramblefap [Mommy] [Improv] [Incest] [Good Boy] [Shy] [Marking] [Oral Sex] [Riding] [Facesitting] [Real Orgasm]

So I wanted to do a ramblefap and ended up getting into a VERY specific headspace, indulging in the mommy kink HARD. I'm a little embaressed so it'll be our little secret on PsstAudio, ok? ^_^

3:09: Started listening to audio
4:35 "Nobody has to know, huh?"
5:45 "Oh, mommy.. I need you."
6:50 Getting 'marked'
7:50 Giving cunnilingus
8:20 Make mommy feel good. Me? Ooh. Okay."
9:10 Getting face sat on
9:35 "Whatever you want."
10:42 "Trained me well..."
11:30 Got called a good boy!
12:15 Making out
12:35 "Did I do good, mommy?"
13:40 Receiving blowjob
14:30 Gets called perfect!
14:40 "I'm your slut, your stud..."
15:00 Denied orgasm
15:20 Begging
16:28 "It's your dick. It's not mine, it's yours."
17:40 Getting ridden
17:38 Begging
18:40 "Don't tease me anymore."
20:30 "I'll make you cum first."
21:00 "I'll be a good boy."
21:27 "I'm gonna make mommy cum."
23:05 AUDIO MAKES ME SUPER DOMMY... until I get called a good boy one minute later.
25:00 Given permission to cum!
27:27 End of audio

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