[F4M][Script Offer] Welcome to GoDoggy.com [Beast][Dog...
[F4M][Script Offer] Welcome to GoDoggy.com [Beast][Dog Cock][Blowjob][Cunnilingus][Pussy Pounding][Voyeur][Dirty Talk][Over 18]

A Tour of the GoDoggy.com’s New Experience Centre

"Welcome to godoggy.com experience centre. My name is Amy. How can I help you? "
"We also have a program where you can take your companion home for a weekend or week when your husband is travelling or just so that your companion can get used to your space. "
"Our Godoggy parties are becoming quite a hit among suburban housewives and bridge groups around the country"

To Everyone who is interested in performing this script. Do feel free to change the words or phrases to suit your style. I am totally open and would love to be surprised by your take on it.
---- All characters are 18+. This script is written by adults, about adults and for adults---

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