[F4M] The Dommy Mommy Club, Part 1 – The Introduction...
[F4M] The Dommy Mommy Club, Part 1 – The Introduction [Script Fill][Male Chastity] [Kali's teeth bracelet] [Age] [mid teenage boy] [hormones raging] [orgasm control] [tease and denial] [incest] [big cock]

"That's when I removed the Kali's teeth bracelet from its packaging. When he saw the spikes, he gulped. It was amusing watching his penis shrink in fear, as if it knew it was going to be punished for its unruly behavior! He started to plead and asked me not to put it on. He even promised to be better with his mood and not bother either of us again. I told him 'We're way passed that honey'."


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