[M4F] Kitten is my little Angel at the Xmas party...
[M4F] Kitten is my little Angel at the Xmas party [Christmas][DD/lg][MDom][Irish accent][rape]because of the [pre-adolescent][age-play][consensual][incest][encouragement][impreg talk][cream pie][good-girls][good-sluts][anal][big-cock]

If you've arrived here from Reddit then the reason its posted here is because the ageplay in this is significant. You are expliclty small and smooth for Daddy. If that isn't your thing then I would advise a swift exit.

You are dressed up like an angel at a christmas-party and you have fun with lots of random boys and make Santa have very innappropriate feelings before going home with Daddy.

Annoyingly I held the phone too close to my mouth and there's a lot of blowing sounds from my breathing that I know some people don't like.

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