[F4M] Hotpants, chapter 1 [Age] [12yo][Mother and...
[F4M] Hotpants, chapter 1 [Age] [12yo][Mother and daughter][Daddy] [MD/lg] [Annotated]

Since I a) feel a little spoiled with Sunshine's script fill and GQPlay's ramblefaps and b) Pastebin killed my script colection I went down into my library, found the first script I wrote and dropped it here. Forgive me some of the starter bits (they refer to non-existing pastebin versions). It's the annotated version, with 'reading guide' in a way and my main question to you performing ladies is if you even need that shit. I could do without adding it, tbh.
Script is about a slutty little preteen experimenting with her sexuality but mom will have none of it, especially not being 'the other woman'. She doesn't mind sharing, sharing is caring, but wants nor needs competition and if the little preteen dresses like a slut, she'll be treated as one.

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