[M4M] My good piggyboy [petplay] [dominant bottom]...
[M4M] My good piggyboy [petplay] [dominant bottom] [Msub] LOTS OF [sloppy kisses] [tongue sucking] [fingering] [riding] [anal] [bad piggy] [ball grab] [ball fondling] [precum as lube] [leaking] [excessive cum] [permission to fuck and cum] [anal orgasm] [begging] quite [vanilla] [wet sounds] [kink encouragement] [Swedish accent] [12:35]

I see a bunch of catboy content and I think to myself, boring! I want to fuck dirty piggyboys. 

This audio was a bit of a blunder but I've decided to post it anyway, one happy piggy is worth it.

Summary: You worked really hard on a project that was tough and tiring but you managed to make it. Your horny friend wants to cheer you up by encouraging and coaxing out your inner piggy. Once he gets tired you get to take more control.

It's a bit switchy in the dynamics because my mind ended up wandering...


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