[F4M] Goth Yandere Rapes You in Your Dorm [Fdom] [Rape]...
[F4M] Goth Yandere Rapes You in Your Dorm [Fdom] [Rape] [Yandere] [Gaslighting/Victim Blaming] [Kissing] [Face Slapping] [Blindfold] [Handgag] [Cuffed to Bed] [Flogging/Spanking] [Buttplug] [Cunnilingus] [Cowgirl] [Forced Impreg]

Sorry hunny! This takeout is taking a little longer than expected.

Summary: You’ve started your first year of university but your friend from high school clearly misinterpreted some signals and has been trying to rekindle your “relationship” from afar. You’ve been ignoring her for too long and one day she shows up at your door, ready to take what she wants.

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