New Arrival
New Arrival

Hello, I am YimYim, known to some others more pubiclly as YaoiMeowmaster. I've been doing voice acting for a few years but have struggled to be able to share some of my popular pieces confidently anywhere outside of inkbunny. I was ecstatic when I found this place. Hoping to have a good time here, already very pleased with the liberal tagging structure going on and performers striking a clear divide between their work and reality.

I do commissions usually, but currently have to work through my queue. I'm going to explore a bit here, and try to port scripts and such over over time.

Thanks for having me. Here's other places you can find me:

Furaffinity, Archive of Our Own : YaoiMeowmaster
Inkbunny, Baraag, (Setting up Soon), SubscribeStar (reworking) : YimYim

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