[F4M][Script Offer] Facefucked By Tinder Date in an...
[F4M][Script Offer] Facefucked By Tinder Date in an Alley [rape][oral rape][first date][flirty][bar][slapping][hairpulling][facefucking][gagging][deepthroat][cum in mouth]

You are on a first date with a guy that you matched with on Tinder. After several hours of talking and drinking, you are having a great time until he asks if you want to hook up. You politely decline but the man is insistent and calls you a cocktease. You tell him off then leave the bar. Out in the alley a few blocks away, you hear footsteps behind you. The Tinder date overtakes you and forces you to take his cock into your mouth. He facefucks you in the alley and doesn’t stop until he cums.

Posted by u/HannibalBrutus