[M4F] Second not-so-nervous ramblefap [Mommy] [Partial...
[M4F] Second not-so-nervous ramblefap [Mommy] [Partial Improv] [Incest] [Maledom] [Titfucking] [Public sex] [Beach sex] [Real orgasm] [Cockring]

BEFORE YOU LISTEN: This is partially scripted. Fresh off of making my first ramblefap, I wanted to make another... but I still had Jaye Wilde's really sexy vacation mommy audio bouncing around in my head. So I decided to do a little 'guided improv' and wrote the first few lines of a script and decided to ramblefap the rest of it. The scenario in my head was... 'While on vacation with mommy, I decide to get a little revenge while we're on a private beach.' (yeah, I forgot the vacation was supposed to be in Vegas..)

I also felt pretty assertive, a total 180 from my last one where I was in total sub mode. It sounds weird to say but overall, I'm really proud of this! It took a whole 45 minutes to work up to an orgasm on the last one while this one is... well, much shorter! I also used a cockring, which I usually don't find very helpful for orgasming..

Eheeehhh, I don't know which one is more embaressing- the previous ramblefap where I moan and mewl for mommy or this mommy domming audio..

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