A (Submissive) Ultimate Badass [M4F] [Request fill]...
A (Submissive) Ultimate Badass [M4F] [Request fill] [Latina listener] [White guy] [Military] [Rule 34] [Aliens Colonial Marines] [Shower sex] [Standing sex] [Cum on ass] [Cum on my cock] [Ememies to lovers] [Mdom to msub] [Deep voice sub]

Background:The United Americas Colonial Marine Crops; the ultimate badasses of the milky way. One of these badasses Private Joker W. Redmoore. Who has been the long-time enemy of his Sargent. A tough woman who both hates him and his personality. Has found his private porn collection. What will happen?

“I am a huge fan of the Aliens universe! And I always wanted to make an audio involving the Colonial Marines. So I tried talking in my normal speaking voice which people say is “deep”.”

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- Joker William Redmoore 12/29/2020

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