[F4M] Daughter And The Bathroom [Script Fill][Spying]...
[F4M] Daughter And The Bathroom [Script Fill][Spying] [Hidden Camera] [Bathroom] [Age] [Voyeur] [Orgasms][Age Mention]

Context: Your daughter has been seriously hogging the bathroom lately. She gets in there first thing in the morning, locks the door, and doesn’t leave for almost an hour. It started off as an occasional thing, but has now escalated to the point where you’re regularly late for school runs, and work has started asking questions about your arrival time. You’ve tried to talk with her about it, but she just brushes you off and tells you to mind your own business.

Out of ideas, your husband takes radical action – installing a small hidden camera in the bathroom to find out just what she’s up to in there. You’re worried about her, after all – and you want your bathroom back! You know it’s totally immoral, but you figure if you can get at least a hint about what’s happening, you might find a new way to broach the topic with her.

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