[F4M][Script Fill] The mansion's free use dildo [Msub]...
[F4M][Script Fill] The mansion's free use dildo [Msub] [Bondage] [Restrained] in [Bathroom stall] for [Freeuse] [Ball gag] [Dirty talk] [Degradation] [Cum lube] [Filling] while [Balls deep] [Good boy] [Creampie]

Everyone's heard the rumor, it spread like wildfire through the party. Guests whispering to each other about the secrets hidden away by the staff in certain bathrooms in the mansion. A thank you of sorts for the attendees. All one had to do was find the bathroom stalls with hearts marked on the door.

Additional Tags: [Multiple loads] [Cum covered fucking] [Body writing][Passing out] [1M Party] [17:39]


Babe! I surely hope you remembered last night babe! But, thankfully for you, there was a recording device in the bathroom for us to use ;) - Zoe

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