[F4M] Cabin in the Woods [Beginning Only]
[F4M] Cabin in the Woods [Beginning Only]

“After witnessing the brutal murder of a friend, you and a male companion flee and barricade yourselves in a room. After settling down, you realize the nature of your predicament, for life is stranger than fiction. Indeed, you and your friends have found yourselves in a Cabin in the Woods type of situation. A ritual if you will, to sacrifice teenagers in order to appease the Old Ones.

Parsing this out, you realize that you are in fact the Virgin, aka, the final girl, or the most important character of the narrative. As a result of this revelation, you come to understand that the only way to stop their schemes, as you have learned from watching the movie, is to be what you’re not. You must become the Slut so that you may dash their grand scheme. And thus, you embark on this noble pursuit with your male companion, in your grand hope of escaping the Cabin in the Woods."

You can find the script here By BIG_COCK_SCRIPTS Find all the links here

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