[M4F] Turn the Tables on a Succuboi [Cunnilingus]...
[M4F] Turn the Tables on a Succuboi [Cunnilingus] [Blowjob] [Teasing] [Devil] [Fantasy] [Dubcon] [ASMR]

Your role: A woman, sleeping soundly in her bed~
My role: A cute and lithesome demon boy with wings, a tail, and the most devilish of smiles, completely naked.
You can click this image for a better idea. (This model was made by me on VRoid Studio and is acceptable commercial use)

Your headspace: You feel a bit... groggy right now. Like you just woke up or you're a little tipsy. Or perhaps you've fallen under some nefarious devil's spell~ Either way, surely you must still be dreaming......... right?

Toys needed: None, but a dildo might help for the second half if you really want to get into character~

Setting: Your bedroom!
Script by: LewdKitzu

Hope you enjoy it!! I had a lot of fun getting into this role. ^_^

Posted by u/LewdKitzu