[F4M][Script Fill] Helping Husband Jerk off to Dirty...
[F4M][Script Fill] Helping Husband Jerk off to Dirty Comments on Her Cooking Videos [Teasing Wife][Established Relationship][Cooking Videos][Dirty Comments][Teasing][Dirty Talk][Over 18]

I thought this script was super fun and just had to try it out! 

Wife is surprised when she realises husband is jerking off to dirty comments on her cooking videos and decides to help out.

"Oh, handling the baby and the online cooking channel is so exhausting, honey."
" It’s okay sweetheart. You know I don’t mind you watching porn."
" Oh my God. These comments are so dirty."

---- All characters are 18+. This script is written by adults, about adults and for adults. Please get permission to repost, redistribute, or rehost ---

Script written by: u/Writingblues72

Posted by u/MissBeatrix