[M4A] The Confession Of A Sub [Script fill] [Msub] [A...
[M4A] The Confession Of A Sub [Script fill] [Msub] [A confession about submission] [Vulnerability] [Subby poetry] [All the things I want you to do to me] [Tie me up] [Train me] [Spank me] [Use me] [Be rough with me] [Opening up] [Begging] [Please] [I want your permission to cum] [Thank you] [Orgasm]

Script by u/HighlyAdventurous

“To let my opinion slip out: this was such a wonderful script to fill! It was very well written and I hope you all enjoy it!”

- Joker William Redmoore 6/7/2021

Posted by u/JokerWilliamRedmoore