[MM4M] Two 'Step-Twins' tease you, their male maid...
[MM4M] Two 'Step-Twins' tease you, their male maid [Community Audio Stream] [oral] [twincest] [incest] [bukkake] [teasing] [mdom] [threesome]

Your role: A male maid, wearing the outfit and everything

My role: Your 'masters', a pair of smug 'step-twins' who live alone in a large mansion

Your headspace: You've been dealing with these two for weeks. Despite all their teasing, they do seem to value your work...

Setting: The Master(s) Bedroom, elegant and bougie

Warning: This is SUPER rough and far from perfect. It was written and recorded in little under 4 hours for a community stream on Plexstorm, with viewers giving me input every step of the way. As a result, my priority was more on the process for the stream than the end result of the audio file. Even so, I figure some of you might enjoy it as is. Especially everyone who helped contribute to it in the stream!

If you'd like to be a part of the next community audio stream, you should follow my twitter! /shamelessselfpromo ;)

P.S. I learned a LOT about how I could better smooth out the process so I promise my next 'multiple characters' audio will be a lot better.

Posted by u/LewdKitzu