[F4M] Sucking the Life Out of You [Fdom][Rape]...
[F4M] Sucking the Life Out of You [Fdom][Rape] [Succubus] [Your Last Orgasm] [Deathgasm] [HFO] [Faceriding/Suffocation] [Shuddering Screaming Finish] [Multiple Forced Orgasms]

A succubus! You've heard of them. Every man wants one until their life is on the line. But for one unlucky victim, theis is about to become their reality. 

SYNPSIS: A hungry succubus appears in your room, straddled atop you. Initially, you're scared and a little aroused. Until she tells you of her true nature.... that she will give you so much pleasure, make you cum so much, that your body will fail. This Succubus is about to Suck the Life out of You! You should be thankful however, it's the best death a man could wish for ;)

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