[F4F] Love's Battlefield [Script Fill] Love’s...
[F4F] Love's Battlefield [Script Fill] Love’s Battlefield [Butch Listener][FSub Listener][Orc][Stupid Tall][Smol Dom Speaker][Dirty Talk][Gentle Fdom][Mentions of Strap-on][Fingering][Cunnilingus]

Orcs always get a bad rap. You started working a job with a mostly human company, and they aren’t exactly welcoming: you’ve heard one or two co-workers crack jokes about your size and another about your teeth. It isn’t easy, and your girlfriend knows it, which is why when you come home tired and exhausted, she’s all prepared to show you just how amazing you are, size, tusks, and all. So lay back sweetness, and let me show you what they are missing out on….

This Script was written by the wonderful KendollKillerson and I hope you enjoy!

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