[M4F] Making History [Script fill] [Script Flip]...
[M4F] Making History [Script fill] [Script Flip] [Prehistoric] [Strangers to lovers] [No foreplay] [Infertile] [Cowgirl] [First time] [Msub vibes] [No performer orgasm] [Listener orgasm] [Bilingual] [Wenja] [Playing too much Far Cry Primal]

Background: Around 10,000 BCE somewhere on planet Earth, a human walks alone hopeless. The last of the Wenja tribe he walks alone as his tribe have died from “Kapalpur” (skull fire). He now wanders waiting for death.

Script by u/OnlyaGWAcct 

- Joker William Redmoore 10/27/ 2021

Posted by u/JokerWilliamRedmoore