[FF4A] Sexual Sisters: part 2 - How it all started...
[FF4A] Sexual Sisters: part 2 - How it all started [improv] [incest] [sisters] [little sister] [big sister] [age] [age mention] [alcohol] [drugs] [party] [nipple play] [show & tell] [learning] [teaching] [getting ready] [slut] [slutty] [big tits] [no tits] [deep throat] [blow job] [virgin] [face fucking] [anal] [cunnilingus] [extreme]

The LONG awaited Sexual Sisters Part 2! Listen to part one here

Description: Mom and dad is out of town and they have tasked the big sister, Jess, to babysit Zoe, her little sister, to Jess dismay. Instead of being a proper big sister, Jess lets out grumbles and slips on what she was supposed to be doing that evening. We arrive at the party, and big sis Jess show Zoe how big girls party.

Then, just like I hoped, things got a little (okay a lot) spicy!

Disclaimer: This audio contains adult language and content. This audio was created purely for entertainment purposes only. Any actions in this audio is not giving permission nor encouraging of doing so! It is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18 and may not be suitable for all adult listeners. All actions within this audio is fictional and should not be taken literal... Listen at your discretion
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