[F4M] MILF's Latent Hypnosis Chapter 2 [Incest] [Rape]...
[F4M] MILF's Latent Hypnosis Chapter 2 [Incest] [Rape] [MILF] [Fsub] [Hypnosis] [Mind Control] [Blowjob] [Anal] [Ass to Mouth]

Please son, please stop this! Run away before I can- [disappointment] No, don't just take off your clothes! Ugh, I'm cupping your balls in my hand, guiding you to lie down on the floor... this is not good! Don't grin at me like that! You do realise what this means for our little arrangement, don't you? To think you'd managed to convince your own mother to give your disgusting penis a blowjob every single week, and then you go and squander it like-[interrupted, no pause] [panic] wait, no, where am I... oh god I'm putting it in my ass! It's going in my asshole!

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This Script was written by DefeatedDamsels and I hope you enjoy part two!

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