Your crush's mean & bitchy friend tells you all about...
Your crush's mean & bitchy friend tells you all about how your bully fucked her [Humiliation] [Cuckold] [JOI] [Foot Fetish] [Mean] [SPH] [Domination]

Script fill from user s_jones559 on scriptbin

From the author:

"In this script offer, the general premise of the audio is the listener is a male who has a huge crush on a girl. When a mutual friend comes over to study/work on a project with them, they tell you about the party that went down a couple of nights ago that the listener didn't attend. She hints and then finally confesses that she hooked the listener's crush up with an arrogant alpha-male that bullies the listener. The mutual friend has also hooked up with him on many occasions and decided it was only right for her to share this stud with others. The listener is heartbroken but aroused, and she coaxes those feelings of excitement out of him, eventually leading to some JOI and heavy humiliation."

From Antimony:

I left a lot more breathy/mouth noises to keep this feeling conversational - enjoy ;]

Posted by u/MissAntimony