[M4F] [Script by Ms. Donovan] [Script Fill] Look At What...
[M4F] [Script by Ms. Donovan] [Script Fill] Look At What You Do [BFE] [Morning] [Sensual] [Body Appreciation] [Mirror] [Watching You Watch Me] [THAT. ASS.] [Back to Chest] [Fingering] [Riding Reverse] [Stay in My Lap] [Vanilla With Some MDom Sprinkles]

"No, no, no, it can't be morning, whyyy. At least your here beautiful, but you don't seem to think that your as gorgeous as you are, so, I think I need to show you just how amazing you look and what you do to me." This is a body appreciation audio, I know not everyone is comfortable listening to these, but I mean every word I say and I fully believe in #WeAreAllSexyAsHell, I know your sexy and beautiful, and hopefully one day you'll believe it too. This is another wonderful script written by the amazing Ms. Donovan. (https://www.reddit.com/user/Ms_Donovan)

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