[F4M] Patching up your Fighter Girl [Script Fill]...
[F4M] Patching up your Fighter Girl [Script Fill] [Tomboy] [MMA] [Multiple Orgasms] [Cunnilingus] [Handjob] [Missionary] [Gentle] [Injuries] [Pleasure and Pain][True-Guardant]

There’s a guy and a girl. They’re a couple. She just had her first professional MMA fight. She didn’t win, and now she’s pretty banged up, inside and out. He came to check on her. He wasn’t supposed to, but he’s not very good at listening. They’ve got a lot to work out but no pain, no gain.

This script was written by True-Guardant and was requested by more than one person that i do it. I loved how he knew his terms for MMA and that it was still sweet. enjoy!


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