[M4F] & [M4M] Milking a Boy Bull [Multiple Versions]...
[M4F] & [M4M] Milking a Boy Bull [Multiple Versions] [Lunar New Year Special] [Cock Milking] [Bondage] [Stockade] [Restrained] [Unable to dom] [Cum] [Lots of cum] [Cum in buckets] [Cumming multiple times] [Cumming down throat] [CUM!]

My role: The handsome boy bull who doesn't know his own strength

Your role: A helpful farm hand~

Setting: Barn Interior, late at night

Your headspace: You've worked on this particular boy bull for a while and he's ready to be put out to stud. However, he's still a virgin and doesn't know his own capabilities yet... it's a hard job milkingthese boy bulls but somebody's gotta do it.

Important Note: Sound effects were obtained from https://www.zapsplat.com in accordance with their licensing policies.

Four versions are available! I apologize for the low quality, I really wanted to get this out before the new years and I didn't notice just how congested I was during recording. As a consolation, I've also made a little drawing to stir the imagination.

This is the M4F version with sound effects, but you can listen to the others below;

M4M, with SFX

M4F, no SFX

M4M, no SFX

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