[F4M] Ten Foot Tall Tomboy [Script Fill][Tomboy]...
[F4M] Ten Foot Tall Tomboy [Script Fill][Tomboy] [Giantess] [Virginity] [Impregnation] [Friends to Lovers] [Size Difference] [Nerdiness] [Science Fiction] [College] [Superstring Theory]

And yes, I am almost naked. I would have thought the being ten foot tall thing would be the thing that caught your eye the most. My clothes won’t fit me anymore. I had to make a makeshift bikini out of my lab coat and a little ingenuity. At least the inside of the lab has very high ceilings, or things would be even more miserable for me right now.

This script  Was written by _homersoc_ and was originally on Patreon. Enjoy!

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