[F4M] Be Mommy's Good Boy [Script Fill]...
[F4M] Be Mommy's Good Boy [Script Fill] [Adults][Dark][rape][drugged] [MD/lb] [character snaps] [Name calling][Fdom][msub] [blowjob] [dirty talk] [whispers][teasing][moans] [genital compliments] [giggles] [kissing] [creampie] [impreg mentions] [needy] [mother loving] [Good boy] [baby boy] [Mommydomme] [gentle aftercare]

You’re a prisoner of your own mother’s broken reality. She’s keeps you from parties and events as she just wants to be with you and tries her best to convince you that mommy knows best. Through means of blowjobs and sex. She even cares for you but at what cost?

The Script can be found here

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