[F4M] New Troop, New Merit Badges – Part 2 [girl scout]...
[F4M] New Troop, New Merit Badges – Part 2 [girl scout] [neighbor] [experienced teen] [age] [tease] [cute]

A horny teen girl is scouting out a camp site in a perv’s backyard.  While also checking out the last girl's visit, there's still a few things to verify before this place is ready for the troop.

Other tags include: [JOE] [facial] [Big-Cock worship] [perv encouragement] [mister] [sweet to slutty]

This was a custom audio request perfromed by u/whoremaya and posted with her permission.  She offers custom work on her reddit profile under the same name.  Highly Recommended!

My orignal script is here:  https://pastes.psstaudio.com/post/548c1ebdad8e499380742679e059669d  

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