[F4M] “Empress Caligula” [Script Offer] [Rape] [Based on...
[F4M] “Empress Caligula” [Script Offer] [Rape] [Based on a Real Person] [FDom] [msub] [Gender Bent] [Historical] [“Let Them Hate Me, As Long As They Fuck Me”] [Abuse] [Oral Sex] [Sadism] [Cruelty] [Light Dick Torture] [Threats] [SFX Options]

(Barely bottled rage) Your poor, poor fool. How dare you try to assassinate your Caesar? Need I remind you just who you are dealing with? 

(Sudden, but fleeting rage) I’m the Empress of the known world, you fool! I was ordained to rule by the Gods themselves! Imagine the arrogance to think you can go against their will? Who do YOU think YOU are? 

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