[F4M] Sword and Sorcery 3 The Rescue [Script Fill]...
[F4M] Sword and Sorcery 3 The Rescue [Script Fill] [FemKnight][Size Difference][Fantasy][Romance][L-bombs][Vanilla][Cunnilingus][Creampie][Battle][Fantasy Violence][amgelmain]

She has been in love with the group's wizard for a long time, finding his small figure combined with his kindness and intellectual manner very charming. That's probably something she would keep as a secret forever because of the deep fear of being rejected by the man she loves, but the impending doom caused by their coming battle with a Red Dragon pushes her to confess to him, and also show him a side of her that no one has ever seen.

This script series was written by Angelmain and its a favorite. Find the other parts on my website here




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