[F4M] MILF's Latent Hypnosis Chapter 1 [Incest] [Rape]...
[F4M] MILF's Latent Hypnosis Chapter 1 [Incest] [Rape] [MILF] [Fsub] [Hypnosis] [Mind Control] [Blowjob] [Facial]

Oh god. Look at me. LOOK AT ME. You are NEVER to speak any of the phrases you read in there. Do you understand me? DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME? [pause] Yes I know they just seem like harmless nonsense phrases, and it's difficult, maybe impossible to explain to you why, but you just have to believe me, and trust me, and OBEY ME, when I ask, no... ORDER you to never say anything you saw out loud, and better still, forget all about it. [pause]

Thanks to Defeated Damsels for the commission of this series. hope you all enjoy!

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