[F4M] Hurry Home [Script Fill] [pegging] [fdom]...
[F4M] Hurry Home [Script Fill] [pegging] [fdom] [bondage] [phone] [Chastity][neighborhoodharlot]

First off, the kids are at my parents, so we have the house all to ourselves tonight. Would you like to hear about what I will be wearing for you tonight? …I knew you would. I am wearing that black corset with the purple stitching that you got me along with a sexy pair of fishnet stockings and a pair of heels I had to brush a little dust off of. Oh… and one more thing… instead of panties I am wearing a brand new strap-on that I have been dying to try out. I am standing in front of the mirror right now and I have to admit, I look too sexy for words. My tits look absolutely fabulous in this corset and my legs look amazing in these stockings. Frankly I have to say my ass looks pretty great as well… even with this harness on. I bet your mouth is watering right now just thinking about it.

this script was written by u/J0nathanCrane and I performed this in 2019. Its a crowd favorite.

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