[F4A] Mom Loses Her Head [Age Mention] [Snuff]...
[F4A] Mom Loses Her Head [Age Mention] [Snuff] [Guillotine] [Three Beheadings] [sfx] [Step-Sister] [Blowjob Sounds] [Restraints] [Gore] [Blood] [Snuff Whore Begging] [Beheaded Hole Fucking]

A single mom has a dark fantasy that she's always kept secret: she masturbates to beheading snuff fantasies. She meets a man that has a guillotine and they enjoy lots of sex in the guillotine's dangerous predicament, willingly. She brings her sister into the guillotine play. He brings the mom's daughter into the play as well. Mommy, along with the others, end up dying by the guillotine, all in slightly different ways. 


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Posted by u/MissBeatrix