[F4M][Script Fill]The Princess’ Revenge (Inspired by...
[F4M][Script Fill]The Princess’ Revenge (Inspired by GoT) [fdom][msub][rape][incest][watersports][degradation][humiliation][strap-on][pegging][gore][blood][mutilation][cunnilingus][revenge]mentions of [beast][dark fantasy][inspired by Game of Thrones][adults][DARK][see post for tag breakdown]

You (the listener) are a failure to your father and your kingdom. Tasked with retaking your family’s castle in the north, you came up short, and your father’s fickle loyalties have resulted in you being locked up in a cage, awaiting execution. Unfortunately, your past deeds come back to haunt you, as your little sister (the speaker) takes advantage of this opportunity to enact her revenge on you for raping her in the past. She shows you no mercy as she heavily degrades you, forces you to swallow her urine, threatens you with physical violence and forced bestiality as she makes you beg for your life, and eventually follows through by having her guards cut off your penis before she pegs you with an iron strap on cock as you bleed. In the end she spares your life, but only barely… and really that may be the cruelest act of all. 

This script is by Princess_April and I have permission to post it here. I hope you guys like it!

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