[F4M][Script Offer] [Bitchy Boss and Pervert Assistant...
[F4M][Script Offer] [Bitchy Boss and Pervert Assistant are stuck in the Elevator] [Bitchy Boss] [Assistant] [Milf] [Sweaty] [Armpit licking] [Scent Play] [Panty Sniffing] [Ass licking] [Verbal Abuse][Dirty Talk][Over 18]

Bitchy boss is stuck in the elevator with her perverted Assistant and learns about his dirty fetish.

"I just asked for a coffee. Where the fuck were you? Milking the cow? "
"What the fuck? Why did it stop? Well, what the fuck are you doing standing there? Do something? "
" You pervert and why the fuck is it 1000 degrees in here. I am sweating like a pig."
To anyone interested in performing this script. Do feel free to change the words or phrases to suit your style. I am totally open and would love to be surprised by your take on it.
---- All characters are 18+. This script is written by adults, about adults and for adults. You do not have permission to repost, redistribute, or rehost without my written or direct consent.---

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