To watch again. [Narrative][Accomplice][Looking...
To watch again. [Narrative][Accomplice][Looking back][Age][Extreme age][Seriously, extreme][Oral][Vaginal][Anal][Watching][Need to watch][Multiple girls]

I write these little chunks that I then (using Jquery) display in random order so I know I'll like what I get, just not exactly what I'm getting. This is the fast gonzo, if cmompared to the longer stories I also write and these short blocks generally differ from my usual scripts as well. But this chunk, I realised, was a complete narrative without scenes, descrptions, other dialogue etc and therefor could be .. a script.
So, having decided to give psstpastes a go now indeed Pastebin fucked it up beyond recognistion I remembered this little thing, gave it some minor edits and dropped it, see how it goes.
It's fairly strong, about a woman looking back at her past which explaines why she's so addicted to watching (and helping with) child abuse. Lots of rape in it, I'm a sucker for the dark language, various girls, some very young so enter at your own risk but if you do, I hope you enjoy!

Posted by u/DubyaDee