[M4A] Hysterical Literature, "Level Up: Level Four:...
[M4A] Hysterical Literature, "Level Up: Level Four: Dissonant Whispers," by Alexa Sommers. [Male Hysterical Literature] [Irish Accent] [Vibrator] [Reading] [Breathy]

All right, so I finally had time to record in all this madness, very happy, and I fulfilled a promise to one of my friends Alexa Sommers, erotica writer and author of the Level Up series, which you should definitely check out. I had decided I wanted to do an Hysterical Literature over an erotica book, and asked her if she was interested in me reading one of hers, and she was, so I did, in an Irish accent because reasons. You can find Alexa Sommers on Tiwtter here (https://twitter.com/AlexaSommers).

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