[F4M] Daddy's nasty, enabling girlfriend indulges in his...
[F4M] Daddy's nasty, enabling girlfriend indulges in his sickest desires [Script Fill][Extreme] [Really, really extreme] [age] [Incest] [Pregnant] [Breeding] [Borderline gore] [Watersports] [Minor Fdom] [Rape] [Snuff]

Performer is both narrator and accomplice; describing the vile things happening while also taking part. She is extremely turned on by the situation, which is evident in her groaning, lolita voice. She may choose to orgasm multiple times, or save it until the end. Ideally, she would get more turned on and loud/desperate over time. Of course, this is all up to the performer, and these are just notes that you may choose to follow. We are here to be nasty and to have fun, however you make that happen is your choice. Enjoy! and be warned - this is very, very perverted.

This Script is by fun4u1234  

Posted by u/EvilLover