[F4M] Beam Me Up, Hottie [Script Fill] [Star Trek]...
[F4M] Beam Me Up, Hottie [Script Fill] [Star Trek] [Friends to Lovers] [Impregnation] [Physics Puns] [Unauthorized Use of Transporters]

Personal Log, Stardate… well, let’s just say it’s a very special stardate. I shouldn’t be recording this, but I have faith the encryption on this is unbreakable. And I want to have my own record of all of this. Or maybe someone will somehow find this someday. This story deserves to be told.I’d been out of the academy for a few years. I’d been on two different ships. I did a damn good job as a transporter technician, because I knew more about transporter technology than pretty much anyone. But the right opportunity to fulfill my dream never came along.

This  fun script was written by _homersoc_

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