[F4M] [F4F] Pervert Hypno Therapy [Age Implied] [hypno]...
[F4M] [F4F] Pervert Hypno Therapy [Age Implied] [hypno] [Trance] [Fantasy] [perverted] [encouragement] [guided masturbation]

Let my Guide you into fantasy land with my lovely voice in this pervert hypno therapy audio.

You can imagine her at any age and do whatever you would like guilt free because its all in your mind!

Come join us in an Anonymous, safe, legal, and consensual environment!
Join my Discord Server: www.discord.gg/pervertparadise
Or if that link isnt working please use this one: https://discord.gg/XzQRUA9zfk

Also check out my Videos at: https://www.xvideos.com/amateur-channels/katie_starling#_tabVideos

Remember you aren't alone and as lontg as it stays in your head your not hurting anyone!

Thank you for listening I hope to see you around love!

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